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WESPAC Plan Services can act as investment advisor for qualified retirement plans, including defined benefit, defined contribution and other pension plans. We have the ability to work with multiple third party administrators and record keepers. We use a truly “open architecture” platform and are not tied to any one fund company platform. Through open architecture we are free to choose from a variety of investment vehicles, including no-load and exchange traded funds. All fees are fully transparent and disclosed.
The problem of hidden fees has been a real headache for plan sponsors because they have the fiduciary responsibility to be sure that plan fees are reasonable in light of the services provided. Plan participants can sue the plan sponsor for breaching their fiduciary duty if the fees are too high and are too much of a drag on participant returns. The problem that sponsors face is that many traditional providers have hidden fees which are very difficult to uncover. They include 12-b-1 fees, trading costs, 28(e) soft dollar arrangements, revenue sharing arrangements and sub transfer agent fees. Sponsors face a bewildering fee structure which is often only disclosed in the fine print of the prospectus and not readily visible.
On February 20, 2008, the US Supreme Court reversed an appellate court decision that will allow individuals to sue plan sponsors over investment losses in their 401k accounts. The decision is known as “LaRue vs. DeWolff” and it has dramatically changed the landscape for plan sponsors.
WESPAC Plan Services' advisors are highly experienced dealing with issues of fiduciary responsibility and only offer plans which are transparent with a robust fee disclosure.

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